Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Teeth Of Time

The brilliant colors of sunrise were a nice start to the day. They did not last long. Just long enough to instill afresh that sense of awe accompanied by some wonderment and appreciation before the colors began to dull and fade. More clouds moved in and the rest of the day was gray and cold.

The colors may fade and dull as the brightness of the sun takes over the eastern horizon but the wonderment and appreciation linger generating anticipation for more of these sights that occasionally embrace the early riser.

Calendar year 2013?

This one is now one for the books … an historical matter … another year of time, like all the previous years of time that have passed, gone and never to be recovered, relegated to the yesteryears file.

Seven years.

Seven years according to the planners now lined up on the shelf. The eighth has been placed inside the worn notebook that I carry to keep up with the work that I do in this self-employed adventure. I call it the brain that stores my memory.

I would be lost as a goose in a snow storm without it.

It is hard to wrap my mind around how fast these past seven years have flown by. It is even harder to wrap my mind around how fast these nearly sixty years of life have flown by. The hard reality of the matter is that they have and that life, even a long life this side of the Transparent Veil, is at best a short span of time. Time has its teeth sunk in all of us with a bite even a pit bull is jealous of.

I am reminded that the seeds of our actions and deeds, once sown, can never be recovered. Neither the good wheat or the noxious tares. They can be recalled in memory … reflected upon,  rationalized, justified to satisfy our own minds … the consequences wrought by their natural germination and growth will be experienced … but the sown seed can never be recovered and returned to the earthen vessel container from which they were grasped and sown.

The matter is just that simple.

Once they are sown the sown seed does what any other seed does in the course of time. They bear fruit and multiply themselves affecting not only our course in life but also the life courses of others … in varying degrees … immediately, in the short course, and in the long course.

I have grown quite careful of what I sow that will grow over time in the soil of my life and those around me. I have grown quite careful too of the seed falling out of holes in the pockets of others.